Let It Flow


Wild and free,

Drunk on life,

High with the sun,

Fading with the times,

You see it all, 

I know you see me too,

 You may not know my laughs

from my tears but still 

you repeat

I love you, I do, do, do. 


So many moments forgotten,
Soft caresses misplaced.
I once knew you well,
More than just your name.
You weren’t like that photo.
My memories never been the same.

On Waiting and Whispering

Land afar, 

Tears remain heavy, 

My heart floods, 

Heavy with pain,

Heavy with sorrow,

Surrender I shall not,

To fall I can’t go, 

Life falls already before me.


I poured out my heart to you,

I let it fall in quick stiff beats,

But you longed for some sun

Now my body rests,

Ten feet under and done. 

The Fall

I felt so immeasurably sad, as if the masterpiece I’d been lentamente completing with love and care for over two years had come apart before I could unearth it to the world. 

My heart hangs low, long murmurs of pain, of sadness, lining my future road like pebbles. If it was ever to be great, the moment had passed, the evening’s fading light taking ahold before I could ever prepare. And with a last drop, it’s all over, it’s all come apart and my feet fly up as my head catches a hold of its final resting place. Behold your fallen castle, the ruins of hell where you will forever lay. 


I didn’t need anything in the world but love and there he was the one thing I was always trying to be rid of.


I think I’d like you dead

At least you’d be out of my head.

From my tears though

You’ll never part

But my head’s so damn heavy

There’s you and you alone

I click my eyes shut

And there’s only your face

Those sparkling knives

begging not to depart.


The day as free as the birds,

the night lit up by flames.

What lights up the sole isn’t always visible past night fall. 

Not all can ever be so easy in life. 

Hour’s End

When the hour strikes, when the heart is warm, there is no greater nourishment than such heavy words of love to seal the day’s fate. 


Nothing ever did come

Not even a scant drop

Did those emerald jewels let fall

Did you feel it

Does the heart even race?

Does it thump at my name 

Or jerk slightly more?

You’re gone now,

Tracing the footsteps 

Of that other ghost

The ghost of my dreams,

The one of your nightmares,

Here ho, farewell to the men that once were

To the love that never was. 

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