Let It Flow


I didn’t need anything in the world but love and there he was the one thing I was always trying to be rid of.


I think I’d like you dead

At least you’d be out of my head.

From my tears though

You’ll never part

But my head’s so damn heavy

There’s you and you alone

I click my eyes shut

And there’s only your face

Those sparkling knives

begging not to depart.


The day as free as the birds,

the night lit up by flames.

What lights up the sole isn’t always visible past night fall. 

Not all can ever be so easy in life. 

Hour’s End

When the hour strikes, when the heart is warm, there is no greater nourishment than such heavy words of love to seal the day’s fate. 


Nothing ever did come

Not even a scant drop

Did those emerald jewels let fall

Did you feel it

Does the heart even race?

Does it thump at my name 

Or jerk slightly more?

You’re gone now,

Tracing the footsteps 

Of that other ghost

The ghost of my dreams,

The one of your nightmares,

Here ho, farewell to the men that once were

To the love that never was. 

Gone Missing

The greatest illusion of all remains the emotion that can only ever be witnessed but never felt. 

Blood Siren

How many times I have nearly surrendered

To the blade’s gleaming seduction,

To the turn of blood flowing unwarmed,

No longer concealed by the lustrous flesh, 

That skin so pallid, casting out a sheen by the sun.

White as a bleached handkerchief,

The one that is used to seal off the wound,

To hold back the torment and to stagger the dolore.

No longer a virgin anymore, 

That title now has been lost, 

The siren’s beckoning has won,

Here now she does indeed triumph,

Her trail of red tears not likely to ever be undone. 

Chains of Madness

More than anything, I like the sound of my pen as it scratches away. Scratch, scratch, oh please keep on. Thoughts from the head into a reality. Words. Progress. Development. I, the alchemist, that converts such feeble emotions, long diving thoughts, into an object. One that you can hold in your hands, one that you may scoop up before you and grasp tight. It is yours now. Help me relieve this burden. Off I unload these layers of metal, iron and bronze. An undistinguishable weight. And now, it is yours. 

Crown of Fallen Petals

I knew you that night, 

But your face seemed all wrong.

Yet your words, oh your cries,

Recognize them I did indeed.

Your fingers were gripped firm,

But your palms were too sweaty,

The pull and the fall

Had already begun.

I held tight to my heart,

Though upset it had been,

Something seemed right.

Ignore all things amiss.

It was you, you,

There ahead of me,

Inside, I had held you,

If only in my head,

Let it now be the crown of our tale,

To be worn on your head,

For you have arrived! 

Yes, spring is here!

And even as the last petals return to the soil,

I shall never grow cold again. 

Running Cold

The bottle is loose,

Its contents unveiled. 


Never enough,


Sure to fail.

Another for the neighbor, 

One more for my father, 

God rest his soul,

As he carries on living,

In his coffin nailed shut.

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